Coffee Drinks
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😎Coffee lovers, here are the recipe for your favourite coffee drinks!
👀See the differences among these drinks and decide which one is you!
🍮The recipe used in this video are for brewed coffee using espresso machine. That means you need to use strong espresso shots! Your coffee is only as good as the beans that you use. At Chao we prefer Italian Roast Coffee Beans…
🍮If you don’t have an espresso machine, you can use a moka pot to pull your espresso shots. Check out this video tutorial
🍮If you are planning to expand your menu with coffee drinks, follow our videos on how to make coffee drinks.
Iced Americano: 2 shots Espresso, 1-1.5oz Sugar Syrup, 1 cup ice, Plain water to fill to the top
Iced Cafe Latte: 2 shots Espresso, 2oz Milk Syrup, 2 oz Fresh Milk, 1 cup ice, thin milk foam on top (optional)
Iced Cappuccino: 2 shots Espresso, 1.5-2oz Milk Syrup, 1 cup ice, milk foam on top, sprinkle of cocoa powder or cinnamon powder on top (optional)

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