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Shakerato originated in Italy,. It is traditionally served in the summer and refers to a frothy, cold coffee drink. Shakerato is coffee shaken to a froth. The trick is in the shaking. Whilst most shakerato are served without ice, we prefer ours on the rocks! With the weather in Asia, its ice, ice, baby!

This is 1 of a series of 3 video tutorials on Shakerato;
Espresso Shakerato
Instant Coffee Shakerato
Cold Brew Coffee Shakerato

Espresso Shakerato – Black (Iced Americano)
2 shots of Espresso
1 oz Sugar Syrup (skip, add or reduce depending on your preference)

Espresso Shakerato – White (Coffee with milk/Cappuccino)
2 shots of Espresso
0.5 oz Sugar Syrup (skip, add or reduce depending on your preference)
1 oz Condensed Milk

For the Italian Roast Coffee Beans used here
For shot glass
For measuring cups

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