Coffee Art
Watch the latte heart at 0:00, that latte heart was made by me a few days ago.
Milk Froth: Setting 4
Milk amount used: At the minimum mark
If you wanna practise some latte art at home, Nespresso Creatista Plus would be a good choice for you. The thing is this machine doesn’t make super concentrated espresso like Starbucks or COSTA does. You have to be carefully that pouring too much milk inside to mix with CREMA (brown surface). That implies that you won’t have enough milk anymore to make latte art. Please make a good control of the amount of milk when making latte art.
Usually, latte art should be divided into two ways:
1.Pour Vertically (Pouring/Infusing milk and mix with the crema): You can pour it into the middle of the coffee when titlng the cup. (If you don’t, the crema can be broken easily. IMAGINE you are jumping into a swimming pool. You can understand that jumping into a tiled swimming pool is safer and deeper. Okay, if you understand this idea, this is what you need to do. Make 2-3 loops but don’t pour too much milk inside because if you use up all the milk, only lots of thick foam will be left behind.
2.Pour Horizontally (This happens just after I stopped pouring/infusing milk into the cup.)
Now Make sure that the cup is titled at an angle. The mouth of the milk pitcher should be at the nearest position with the surface of the mixed crema. Now it’s time for you to practice wiggling. Wiggle and Wiggle and observe what makes the best for your latte art patter. Don’t wiggle too forcibly and you should keep wiggle in a natural way while untilt the cup slowly at the same time. (PS: Believe it or not. If you don’t untilt the cup, the milk will be poured everywhere.)

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